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Monday, November 5, 2012 - a very cool concept ....

So I have been scanning the web and the possibilities seem to be endless. I found an awesome new site . This site lets you take classes for free taught by real university profs from top universities around the world. The courses include assignments that you do and recieve peer feedback. The lectures are done on video and you can view at your own pace but the courses do have a proper start and end date. There are a lot of techy type courses but I found one interesting history course that is already a few weeks in. It seemed a bit overwealming to try and catch up with the little time I have and there are no transcripts to read which for me makes it a little difficult to keep up as I dont have much time to watch videos. There is a textbook you can buy to go with it but the book is over $90, much too much for me right now. I signed up anyway as I like the forums which seem to have a lot of interesting discussions going on. I hope to watch some of the videos for general interest and knowledge. I have signed up for another course on European History that starts in Febuary that I hope to participate in as I will be able to start from the begining!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I am doing it on my own ....

I have been a history lover forever! It was my favourite class in school and I love to read about it, watch TV about it, see movies about it! What I do think is that schools just don't teach it in ways that make it exciting to most kids and that kids are not shown the importance of knowing what happened in the past. The future leaders of tomorrow cannot make proper informed decisions if they do not know what happened when past decisions were made!!! So I started to think about putting together a website for kids that makes learning history fun and having it expand on standard course outlines. But when I started to look at the outlines I realized while I new the basics I could not expand till I did more studying myself!

I would have loved to study history in University but when I finished high school and took a 3 year business program, there were few electives and none in history. I wanted to take a few courses now but when I looked I found that they are SO expensive! I cannot take the courses right now but what I did find was course outlines and course work available online.

I don't have a lot of time but what I have decided to do is to use these resources online and use my library and teach myself! I am going to plan out a course outline and over the next year immerse myself in learning more about history. I like this because I can learn what interests me most as I can use course outlines I find online and change them to fit me!

Once I have completed the outlines I will post them on this site and if you like, join me! It would be great if I could do this with others. The ability to pick and choose units that interest you make it even better! It will be an interesting and fun journey!